What a Relief.

I think the OT was more excited than we were when she saw the prospective new flat. “Grab it” were pretty much her words, as she said it was extremely rare to find a one-bedroom property with so much space – wide corridors and doorways, good access throughout, lots of room for movement and manoeuvre.
Not to mention the fact that ground floor flats are like gold dust anyway, and she agreed that the fact that it’s so close to us is an utter godsend.

What about the bathroom? Oh, no problem, she said, it might not happen overnight of course but again it’s spacious and can be easily adapted for a walk-in shower.
Her one caveat was the small exterior step into the building, which she had to make sure we knew about. It’s a possible trip hazard and it will be hard for a wheelchair user to move out through the door unaided. But he won’t be, I explain. 
Apart from an impromptu excursion to Tesco in a taxi to buy wine the other week (when I was a bit late replying to his text and he panicked that he was going to run out) Nick rarely leaves the house on his own any more. He certainly can’t operate his own wheelchair, which by the way is like a First World War tank with bits beginning to fall off it.
We will need to look at installing a portable ramp for future journeys in and out. 
I’m not too worried about that. Someone I know has exactly that so their wheelchair can be pushed easily through the doorway and I’ve seen how simple it is to use, so we can do that.

But it’s a definite thumbs up. She will get back to the lettings department and they’ll be in touch to make Nick a (second) formal offer and then it’s all systems go. We can get the keys as soon as he’s signed the papers. He’s got a new address lined up and can be in there by Christmas. I am almost beside myself with relief.