Keep Calm and Carry On

So here we are again. Six months on, we’re preparing to move Nick and his worldly goods to a new address.
Here are some of the things we still don’t know:

*Which day of this week the move will happen.
Assuming it will be this week.
I’m writing this on Monday morning and I am supposed to be working every day this week. There didn’t seem any point in cancelling when we didn’t have a date from the moving company (the lovely ones who did the original move from Consett and packed everything up for us. All paid for by the insurance company as part of Nick’s après-flood relocation) They know Nick and made everything so easy for him – and me – so we were thrilled to find that the “return” part of the move had been factored in by the insurers. Just one snag, the boss was on holiday and they couldn’t give us a definite date…
At first we thought it might be last week, then possibly even next. It’s been hard to organise anything when we don’t know. I don’t want Nick to be sitting in an empty room full of boxes until the last possible moment, or paying two lots of bills.
He’s supposed to be out by the end of this week, but the landlord has been kind and said he doesn’t mind a few days’ overlap. He can’t let the flat again until he’s had the wrecked bathroom completely ripped out and refitted, along with all the other things Nick has inadvertently trashed. So we do have some leeway there. But right now, we are just hanging fire. 

Frighteningly though, we also don’t know:
*Who will be Nick’s new care providers since Acme are unable to continue their service in a different postcode.

*Will there be any care providers at all, as the social worker told me on Friday afternoon that she hadn’t been able to find anyone.
When she said this I felt like jamming my fingers in my ears and singing, “La la la I can’t hear you” because I mean, WHAAAT???

Oh and by the way, it’s son & heir’s 18th birthday at the weekend.

I think this is the kind of situation where the phrase “Keep Calm and Carry On” is the best advice (and by the way, back in the long-ago days when Nick was still driving, we tootled up the coast to Alnwick and he introduced me to the wonderful Barter Books, who first brought out that poster. It was just one of their little quirks, reproduced from old wartime propaganda and fresh off the press. I bought one for my father in law and wish I’d kept one for me too before the whole thing just went global, and increasingly silly.

It is still super-good advice though and probably the only thing to do in the circs.